World of Cereal Tastes

“We Bring Healthy Snacks Together with Popular Tastes”

We reinterpret healthy snacks with grain and cereal content by bringing them together with popular tastes as a result of more than 20 years of knowledge.

We present delicious snacks with less calories, rich fruit, milk and vitamin values, which we produce with ingredients appealing to taste buds of children and adults, to consumers’ taste.

We continue to gain a place in national and international markets and to enlarge our brand’s goals for a pleasant and delicious future with our product variety increasing day by day, strong technology and R&D infrastructure.

Granio goes beyond the ordinary flavors for the cereal products group. It forms quality ingredients for healthy snacks and presents them to your taste by gathering distinguished tastes in the same product.
Granio R&D Team forms the most special formulas that satisfy the taste sensitivity of consumers, with meticulous studies. Meticulously prepared formulas turn into delicious snacks.
The health expectation that is the primary condition of production and consumption today, is among the first priorities of Granio. It knows very well that reliable consumption is through a production line that is run by efforts of healthy employees under hygienic conditions.
Granio follows the latest technologies and all good technologies needed by healthy production closely in order to keep the production speed, employee safety and hygiene conditions at the highest level.
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